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How Tiles can Help You Find Your Kids

When it comes to trackers, most people use them to keep tabs on their wallets and keys. It is a great reason to have one or a few Bluetooth trackers. Most people use the Tile Bluetooth tracker to find their wallets and keys. Tile is one of the most common devices for finding and keeping track of your items.

The device saw a significant success through crowdfunding and currently, the firm has developed trackers that are much smaller which include Tile Slim and Tile Mate. With a connected mobile application, you can comfortably make your Tile device to ring as long as it is within Bluetooth range. If the device is not in the range, the application will inform you the last place the Tile was seen.

Also, you can use it the other way by pushing the button on the device itself. When you push the button, it will make your current phone to ring even if it is in the silent mode. Apart from using the device to track your keys, computers, pets, and wallets, you can also use it to find your lost kids when you are in parks or other crowded places. Here is what you need to do to track your kids.

Set Up Your Tiles

Tiles are approximately one inch by one-inch square; you can attach or put in your kid’s pocket. If you have many kids, you should set the Tile device in every kid’s pocket to help you track them when they are out of your line of sight. In most cases, the kids get lost, especially when in crowded places since they like playing and they can even follow strangers without your knowledge.

Setting up your tiles is very simple. After downloading the Tile application, all you need to do is to press the e-button on your actual tile and then put it next to your phone. The Tile will eventually connect to itself. Also, you should remember to name your Tile to the items you are connecting to; in this case, you can give it the name of your kid.

How to Locate Your Kids with this Device

If you put a tile in your kids pocket or attach it somewhere on their clothes, it will be easier to find them when they are out of your sight. After connecting each tile to your application, keeping track of your kids will be a simple process. You will need to open the application and then click on the name of your missing kid, and the respective tile will start ringing.

The device also includes the reverse ring feature in situations where you can’t find your phone. In case you don’t have your phone, you can comfortably double press the e-button on your connected tiles, and your phone will ring. Tiles also have a map that helps you identify the place where your kid was last seen.

These devices feature a loud ring; zero upkeep and they are water-resistant meaning that their batteries are long lasting. When it dies, you are in the position to buy a replacement at lower costs. Although tiles have a communication range, they can communicate with other devices as well as with a cloud network. That means other individuals’ Tiles can help you locate your kids and tell you where they are.

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