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Orthopedic Beds Give Dogs a Healthy Place to Rest and Sleep

Many dogs can benefit from using orthopedic beds, not just old dogs. Especially in today’s world when so many people think of their dogs as family members, people are more invested in providing their dogs with all the help for a better life. If people and children can benefit from sleeping on a good bed, then why not dogs!


Why Do Orthopedic Dog Beds Help?

Older dogs often have arthritis or injuries or other joint problems, and so they become less active, because their joints hurt.

Not only are they in pain, but they also don’t get the exercise necessary to stay in good condition. When they can sleep on an orthopedic bed, pressure is taken off of their joints, their body weight is spread evenly across the bed, and their joints can rest. Many dogs sleeping on harmful surfaces will be spending their time asleep with muscles and joints working to keep them supported. An uncomfortable bed can cause the dog to shift position a number of times while trying to get comfortable, robbing him of restful sleep. Younger dogs and especially puppies also benefit from orthopedic beds. They are given the support that their growing bones and joints need in order to prevent problems later in life. Since puppies spend so much time sleeping, a good bed is even more important. Skinny dogs will also feel more comfortable with the support of an orthopedic mattress.


What Should One Look For When Choosing An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

The most important factor when choosing an orthopedic dog bed is the filling. It should be thick, a couple of inches and of high quality. Many orthopedic dog beds are made of memory foam, and just as in mattresses for humans, this filling provides comfortable support, not too hard yet supportive. Gel filled beds are another good option. Many cheap dog beds have fillings that shift around and do not provide even support, a situation which puts stress on the dogs joints as they attempt to keep the dog’s body supported. A bumpy bed only makes matters worse. Size is also very important so that the dog can stretch out and sleep in any position which is comfortable. The dog should not have to curl up to fit in the bed, putting awkward pressure on muscles and joints and defeating the purpose of the bed. The bed should be easy for the dog to get in and out of. Washable covers are a must. Some beds even have washable mattresses. Keeping the bed as clean as possible will help guard against viruses as well as allergens and dust mites.


The Bottom Line

A dog’s life is about moving around, investigating the world, sniffing and being active.

One of the most important ways in which we can help our dogs have a good life is to help them to keep moving. Providing them with an orthopedic bed, along with good nutrition and health care when necessary, is an easy way to make their lives so much better.

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