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The Art of Private Blog Networks For Online Marketing

Private blog networks are a science within search engine optimization. It is something you need to understand on a deeper level to succeed with it. You also need to know how to acquire and build your network of these types of sites. If you make a mistake, your entire network could be brought down in one fell swoop. You could end up losing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue because everything failed. Here is how private blog networks work.

Who Should Use a PBN

The person that needs to use a private blog network is one that is invested in search engine optimization. If you don’t have many websites to rent or have a high-value website, you won’t find a lot of use in using a private blog network. These are expensive to accumulate, so it makes sense for building a lot of sites to have. Don’t worry about getting one if you’re just working on your personal website.

The best private blog network sites are the ones that have thousands of links and high age. If you are smart, you will find it easy to get these types of sites for cheap. Ultimately, you have to make that decision early, so you don’t end up having to pay a lot of money to add sites to your network.

Finding Websites to Add to Your Network

The biggest challenge of private blog networks is finding websites to add to it. You might spend over $10,000 buying domain names on Go Daddy or other sites. However, there are cheaper alternatives in the form of expired domain names that you can add. If you are smart in doing those things, you end up ahead of the competition. However, you will spend a lot more time and effort trying to make it all work. The best strategy is to find domain names everywhere you can, so you have a vibrant and growing network.


Downsides of Using a PBN

A private blog network is excellent at ranking websites well. However, there are some downsides that you should know about. The major downside of use now PBN is the astronomical cost you will have to pay. Getting domains will cost you a lot of money, effort, and time. That time could be better spent on other things that make you more money. However, you have to weigh the downsides to see which solution will be best for your specific needs. The other major downside of a PBN is it could be penalized by Google. If this happens, your entire network would be worthless, and all that money and effort you spent would be for nothing.

Spying on the PBN of Competitors

The biggest thing you can do is to find the PBN for your competition. Once you can find that, it will help you gain an understanding of what they are doing and how you can match it. Your key to success in this industry will be finding private blog networks for your competition and building your own. You can use tools like Ahrefs.com to spy on your competitors.

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