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What is the Job of a Criminal Solicitor in Sydney, Australia?

Understanding the Role of a Criminal Solicitor

Criminal law is one of the more complex areas of daily life. Everyone is impacted by criminal law in some way. It’s what keeps the streets safe and civilisation moving forward. But when it’s done properly, people are often totally unaware of how it functions. But a criminal solicitor is working hard behind the scenes. And in Australia, Sydney in particular, this is even more so.

Australia has an interesting legal system which builds from a foundation in British law. But which has grown from the Australian constitution into something unique. This has made Australian law similar to that of other countries in the Western world. But there are some unique aspects to several aspects.

For example, most countries related to British law use a two tier system for lawyers. It’s separated into defence and prosecution. However, even this can offer up some additional subtleties. Many criminal lawyers push past standard roles and specialise in particular areas. This can include specialty areas such as victim representation or additional personal interests.

But again, in general one should look at it as an interaction between defence and prosecution. The defence stands on the side of someone who has been accused of a crime. It’s important to keep in mind that innocent until proven guilty is fundamental to the Australian court system. All legal systems descended from British law hold fast to that general concept. As such, it’s vitally important to remember that defence isn’t standing with criminals. And prosecutors aren’t trying to incriminate the innocent.

Instead, both the defence and prosecution are trying to get to the heart of the matter by making any valid argument possible. This often creates a certain parity in their actions. One of the major differences among criminal solicitors comes from their time of involvement. The defence tends to become acquainted with the case before almost anyone else. This is because someone who has been accused of a crime has the right to proper legal representation in court. This is where the defence comes in, and it’s usually the first step one faces in defending himself. If you are in need of defence, please visit criminal lawyer Sydney for more information.

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