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Why Every Office Should Have A 360 Degree Camera For Conferences

In recent years, there have been some amazing advancements with technology and the kind of cameras we use and what we are able to do with them. Developers have recently come out with what is known as a 360-degree camera that captures video from literally every angle in a given space. When it first came out, the 360 angle camera was used for fun things like taking cool pictures or taking virtual reality to the net level, however, now businesses are finding ways to use 360 cameras and take full advantage of their capabilities. Below are just a few ways your business can make use of a 360 conference camera and leverage it in the best way possible.

1.) Know the platforms you are working with

Since 360 cameras are still so new, there is no one standard that is the perfect one to use in your business when it comes to how you set it up. For this reason, you have to do some research and find out what type of gear is the best option for making conference videos. Many companies are using the Samsung 360 camera because they come with intuitive handsets that come with motion tracking technology. This means that you can capture movements from everyone in the conference room without anything being blurry. No matter how you turn the handset, it tracks motions so everyone is included in the video conference.

How you incorporate them into the business

If you want to start using 360-degree video cameras in your business then you need to get one of the cameras that can record the way you need it too. Typically, these types of videos do not necessarily record live, but instead, they take pictures from multiple cameras and put them together after they had recorded in the same place. In the past, it would take months to be able to do this as you would have to record the same location from different angles time and time again and then take even more time to edit these shots into a single video or a picture put together. With these new 360 cameras, the same process happens seamlessly and is done continuously.

The new 360 conference cameras can now record live in professional quality and are formatted so that when others watch it, it looks as though they are watching it from the human eye meaning if someone is not actually in the office, they can stream in and still feel as though they are actually a part of the conference as they will be able to see everyone in the conference room.

How it benefits conferences

If you are considering investing in 360 cameras for your business then it is important to start thinking about exactly how it will add to your business and the value it will give to people experiencing it. Live events like conferences are a great way to use the 360 cameras as people benefit from live interactions. This is likely the best new technology you can bring into your business for your team so that whether they are in the office or not, they are all part of the conference and remain a team.

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